Mobile Spray Tanning

Q & A

Will I feel sticky and smell after my spray tan?

We use products that are raspberry almond scent. Majority of the time you will not notice the scent. However, If you do we provide an add-on service for a product called Counteract Odor Neutralizer that will eliminate that "tanning smell". After your spray tan you will not feel sticky. You will be completely dry and able to put clothes on just a few minutes after your spray tan. 

What do I wear during spray tan session?

Women usually spray tan in swimwear, under garments or nude. Men usually wear swim trunks, underwear or nude. It is important to think about tan lines when selecting your tanning clothes.

What do I wear after my spray tan session?

Please wear dark clothing that is loose fitting so you do not mess up your spray tan.

Do you spray tan my face?

It is completely up to you whether or not you want a spray tan on your face. Please keep in mind that if you do not spray tan your face then you will have to wear darker makeup or bronzer to match your bronze body. Our products won't clog pores. 

Can I still get a sunburn with a spray tan?

Yes, you can absolutely still get a sunburn while having a spray tan. We highly advise you to wear sunscreen and to reapply every so often to keep from burning. 

Can I get a spray tan with a sunburn?

Probably not the best idea to get a spray tan while you have a sunburn. It would be hard to determine the results of your spray tan especially if your sunburn is peeling or starts to peel.